What We Do

Guided by values of sustainability, collaboration, inclusion, transparency, and innovation; CADE provides services to NY farm and food businesses through:

  • technical assistance
  • education
  • mentoring
  • network-weaving
  • partnerships
  • advocacy
  • research
  • and more!

CADE meets its clients where they are at by offering tiered levels of engagement and personalized support.

Connect with CADE through monthly newsletters, learn from our ever-growing resource library and recorded educational programming, or seek individualized support through 1-on-1 client services.

Whatever your farm or food business needs, find out how CADE can help you achieve your goals.

CADE Client Journey graphic highlighting 5 ways to utilize CADE services: connect via newsletter & social media, learn from recorded webinars, register for a course or event, request a 1-on-1 consultation with cade staff, and potentially receive up to 15 free hours of support from CADE staff.