Vision 2050: Making NY America’s Next Foodshed

What is Vision 2050?

Vision 2050 is the culmination of a 3 year research project conducted in partnership with Cornell University, SUNY-Cobleskill, Hartwick College, and faculty from Columbia University. The historic publication engaged stakeholders across New York State to put forward an integrated, comprehensive Food System Vision by 2050–one that is profitable, regenerative, equitable, and healthy–aimed at setting the agenda for New York’s political leaders and informing the foundation of a State Plan.

Ultimately, it envisions a food system–and a roadmap to get there–that accelerates sustainable agricultural economic development, creates green jobs throughout the farm and food sector, increases food security and healthy food access, advances equity, and mitigates climate change.

Why does NYS need a food system vision?

New York has a proud agricultural history and all the elements for a thriving agricultural and food future. And yet, despite New York’s rich agricultural assets and potential for economic growth, we also face tremendous challenges today. To name a few:

  • Shrinking farmland due to economic and development pressures 
  • Rising climate challenges that impact agriculture from increased flooding to depleted soils 
  • Increasing numbers of retiring farmers without an adequate pipeline of successors 
  • Decreasing capacity and inefficiencies in processing and distribution 
  • Lack of healthy food access, especially in marginalized communities

Fortunately, New York has extraordinary leaders and networks working to address many of these specific challenges. With better State planning and coordination, we all win. New York will only benefit from planning holistically, weaving throughlines together.

CADE’s Executive Director, Phoebe Schreiner, delivers a powerful TEDx Talk on the potential of New York State to become America’s next foodshed.

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