Farm and Food Business Services

Profitable. Regenerative. Equitable.

These are foundations upon which agriculture thrives in New York State. CADE works to increase the “Triple Bottom Line” of agricultural development by:

  1. Increasing profit margins through efficient production systems, effective marketing and distribution, and sound business principles.
  2. Promoting sound environmental practices such as grass-based livestock production, watershed runoff protection, and use of renewable energy.
  3. Engendering positive social outcomes such as job creation, generational farm transition, positive connections between farmers and consumers, health benefits of local foods, and locally circulating dollars.

CADE’s Program Managers are available to consult with entrepreneurs in NY seeking guidance for their farm and food business endeavors, whether they are just starting out or already established. We offer up to 15 hours of direct technical assistance to our clients in the areas of access to farmland, business development, access to capital, marketing & value chain development, and regenerative practices. We are also here to help you connect with others in the agricultural community so we can all work together to build a vibrant regional food system.

If you are interested in receiving CADE’s services, please fill out our consultation request form and a member of our team will reach out to you.